Register with our database

Use the form below to register with the database. Do this whether you are a helper or a person who needs help or both. One per household is fine.

This adds your name to options on other forms for offers, requests etc, and helps admins keep track of who’s doing what.

Group admins have access to all information submitted via this form.

You can choose whether you prefer your personal contact information to be kept privately or shown publicly.

  • Private 
    Kept privately by this group, visible to admins, shared only when needed with individuals in order to facilitate support requested or offered
  • Public
    May be displayed on this website as part of information sharing

If you don’t want to register please contact admin instead

Not sure if you’re already in the database? Check the list here – if your name’s there you’re in the database. If in doubt, fill the registration form out and our lovely admins will sort it out.

If you’re already on the list and need to check or update something please contact admin.

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